Corporate & Social Responsibility

The Investment Manager acquires, develops and manages properties on behalf of UKCPT. It is recognised that these activities have both direct and indirect environmental and social impacts.

We establish targets for improving our performance in sustainability issues where these are under the control or direct influence of the landlord, with particular reference to energy consumption, water consumption and waste production.

  • We engage with our stakeholders and clients to report on progress and to ensure that their views are taken into account when shaping policy and setting objectives.
  • We take account of environmental and social impact when making acquisitions with a view to improving the sustainability of the assets following purchase. This is also taken into account when commissioning the design and implementation of development and refurbishment works.
  • We achieved ISO 14001 accreditation across our Shopping Centre portfolio in Q4 2012.

Read the UKCPT’s Corporate and Social and Responsibility policy